PureVision® contact lenses by Bausch+Lomb provide superior sight and comfort. From the regular PureVision® to the PureVision® Multifocal and Toric, your eyes will let you know how much they appreciate the moist design of these contacts. Bausch+Lomb PureVision® is made from balafilcon a, an innovative silicone hydrogel made exclusively for a Bausch+Lomb lens.
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Bausch&LombExtended Wear

PureVision®2 – 6 pack

PureVision®2 HD contact lenses feature HD Optics that deliver the clear, crisp vision that you should demand – designed to reduce halos and glare – especially in low light. Lens...

PureVision®2 Multifocal- 6 pack

The Bausch & Lomb PureVision® family of contact lenses is made from balafilcon A, an innovative silicone hydrogel material patented by Bausch & Lomb, with enhanced optical designs and surface...

PureVision®2 HD Toric- 6 pack

PureVision® Toric contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb. These lenses offer convenience, comfort and crisp vision, providing a “fresh lens feeling” all the time. The PureVision® Toric is great for...